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Diane Tolbert Covan 

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Diane has practiced yoga for more than twenty-five years as a form of exercise and relaxation and to relieve the stress of her law practices in Florida and New York. She closed her law practice in 2015 in order to spend all of her time doing what she loves: help people directly rather than fighting for them in court.  In BodyWisdom Yoga, she has created a space for health, healing and happiness. She teaches the Amrit Method of Yoga because she believes, based on ample research and her own experience, that the Amrit methods provide unique and highly effective ways to promote healing from past emotional and physical trauma and illness, as well as providing relief from the effects of chronic stress and the giving the benefits of meditation.  Amrit Yoga is "prana yoga" that works with the body's life-energy.  She also has become Certified by the International Training Massage School in Chaing Mai, Thailand and by the Thailand Ministry of Education and the Thailand Ministry of Public Health to teach Thai Hermit's Yoga (Ru Sie Dutton).  Diane is a certified Amrit Yoga Therapy Facilitator (70 Amrit Yoga Institute hours) and Advanced Yoga Nidra Instructor (200 Amrit Yoga hours) plus is certified to teach Level 2 Amrit Yoga (Meditation in Motion, with an additional 300 hours from Amrit Yoga Institute).


Frederick L. Covan, Ph.D.

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Dr. Covan is a clinical psychologist licensed in the States of New York and Florida. He has taught meditation to his patients for nearly 45 years because he believes so stongly in its therapeutic beneifts.  Now that he has discovered Yoga Nidra -- an effortless, highly effective form of meditation, with some benefits not found in most mediation practices -- he strongly encourages all of his patients to attend Yoga Nidra sessions to help themselves in ways that talk therapy alone never could achieve. Dr. Covan has always been interested in ways to make life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable for his patients, friends, family and self. Meditation and yoga are two of the methods he has found to be most effective and he believes that they should be part of everyone's daily life.  As the Chief Psychologist of Bellevue Hospital in New York City for 20 years, in addition to teaching more traditional psychotherapeutic methods, Fred taught thousands of medical and psychology interns and residents about the therapeutic benefits of meditation and body-centered therapies. For his own body, Dr. Covan practices very gentle yoga and stretching as a way to combat the consequences of aging and is certified as a Yoga Nidra Instructor by the Amrit Institute. In addition, he has been instructing clients and patients in meditation and mindfulness as part of individual and group psychotherapy sessions for more than forty-fiive years, first in New York City and now in Key West. Fred has found that Yoga Nidra can be an effective method for relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction and the consequences of stress.  Yoga Nidra as practiced by Dr. Covan can produce relief without the need to tell or verbally relive "the story" that caused the symptoms.  He will be studying additional forms of meditation work while in Thailand and Vietnam this October.



Carl Ferrette

Carl is a 500-hour Purna Yoga Affiliate Instrutor who has over one hundred hours of therapeutic training, much of which addresses spinal issues and general spinal health.  He has been teaching yoga in Key West since 2007.  He is certified by the Intenational Association of Yoga Therapists.

Monica Haskell

Monica completed her yoga teacher training in 2007 in the Sampoorna yoga style with Shri Yogi Hari, a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and Music Master Swami Nada-Brahmananda. She has been teaching yoga since then. She also writes and consults to non-profit organizations, having managed several in her earlier career.
Monica has studied with teachers trained in Iyengar, Kripalu, Shivananda, Anusara, chair yoga and other hatha yoga styles for over 35 years, and is presently getting advanced training in Prime of Life Yoga.  Prime of Life Yoga offers an overall lifestyle approach to Yoga for persons in midlife and beyond. It includes asana that is accommodating to the individual; everyday biomechanics; management of common aches and pains; and stress reduction. POLY is in the lineage of the great yogi Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar.  Monica is also certified to lead Yoga Nidra guided meditation; and Enhance Fitness, a non-yoga but healthy work-out for people over 50. She is certified in CPR, First Aid, and Post-emergency response.  Yoga classes always include pranayama, asana and savaasana (breathing, movement and relaxation). Attention is paid to alignment and intention. At the end of a session you will feel relaxed, recharged and happy.

Peter Rogers

Peter first discovered yoga in the late 1970s and, after spending many years in visual merchandising and interior/fashion design around the country, he decided to relocate from Chicago to Key West in the early 1990s.  He has explored and studied various styles of yoga and has practiced daily for many years.  He began teaching yoga in 2012.  Over the years, he met many people who found yoga classes too advanced or not suited for their bodies.  Thus, he focuses on a style that is comfortable, inviting and suited for all bodies.  The goal in Peter's classes is to awaken and reestablish he mind-body-breath connection which is the foundation of all yoga. 

Irisha Roz

Irisha teaches many forms of yoga.


She's skilled at teaching the basics to beginners, and in leading the highly-fit in power flow classes, and in yoga dance just for fun, and in finding rest and rejuvenation in yin/restorative by candlelight. Irisha has something for every body and everyone's life.

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