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Carl Ferrette

Carl is a 500-hour Purna Yoga Affiliate Instrutor who has over one hundred hours of therapeutic training, much of which addresses spinal issues and general spinal health.  He has been teaching yoga in Key West since 2007.  He is certified by the Intenational Association of Yoga Therapists.

Peter Rogers

Peter first discovered yoga in the late 1970s and, after spending many years in visual merchandising and interior/fashion design around the country, he decided to relocate from Chicago to Key West in the early 1990s.  He has explored and studied various styles of yoga and has practiced daily for many years.  He began teaching yoga in 2012.  Over the years, he met many people who found yoga classes too advanced or not suited for their bodies.  Thus, he focuses on a style that is comfortable, inviting and suited for all bodies.  The goal in Peter's classes is to awaken and reestablish he mind-body-breath connection which is the foundation of all yoga. 

Irisha Roz

Irisha teaches many forms of yoga.


She's skilled at teaching the basics to beginners, and in leading the highly-fit in power flow classes, and in yoga dance just for fun, and in finding rest and rejuvenation in yin/restorative by candlelight. Irisha has something for every body and everyone's life.

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