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Body Weight Training - 60 minutes -

On hiatus while Ben helps with storm-related damage In Puerto Rico.  

This class is led by Ben Covan, an aspiring Martial Artist and fighter who spent 2015 and 2016 living, training and fighting in Thailand.  While abroad, he received Level 1 and Level 2 Mark Lauren Certifications in Body Weight Training.  Using only your own weight, rather than external equipment, you will quickly build functional strength and improve movement.  


Ru Sie Dutton (Thai Hermit's Yoga) - 60 minutes - 

Thai Massage is highly therapeutic, rejuvenating and invigorating.  Want lots of steady energy?  Get a good Thai Massage!!  Unfortunately, they are hard to come by in Key West and they're expensive.  This is your alternative.  Ru Sie Dutton is SELF-Thai-Massage. There is dispute about which came first about 2,500 years ago:  Thai Massage or Thai Self-Massage.  What matters is that this is a practice that you can learn in Key West now at BodyWisdom Yoga and then, with the picture guide-book that we have available, take the practice home and do it yourself, for free, whenever you want or need its beneficial effects. The full practice at BodyWisdom Yoga takes 75 minutes but you can shorten the time at home, if your schedule demands.  Diane Covan and Ben Covan are certified by the International Training Massage School in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and the Thailand Ministry of Education and the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, to teach this practice.  While considered "yoga", this practice contains no inversions or twisting into pretzel shapes.  It is suitable for and beneficial for everyone's body. Unlike other forms of yoga which has as their goal the union of body, mind and spirit, this practice is solely intended to be physically therapeutic and rejuvenating.


Gentle Chair Yoga - 60 minutes

This is a gentle yoga class that will increase your muscle control, range of motion, and flexibility.  It's also a relaxing stretching session that just plain feels good. You're always welcome to sit in a chair if it's more comfortable than being on the mat. 


Gentle Yoga - 75 minutes
The Saturday "Gentle Yoga" class led by Peter Rogers is composed of slow, gentle postures designed to be practiced on the mat, but you are welcome to use a chair, if that is more comfortable for you. This class is suitable for everyone who wants the health benefits of yoga without fear of causing harm or pain to their body.


Gentle Flow - 90 minutes

In 1960, the highly-respected Yogi, Amrit Desai, began teaching yoga in the United States.  With a background in Kundalini Yoga (which is based on Prana, the body's own energy), he developed a style of yoga designed to rekindle the relationship with Prana, the energy of the body, which is ordinarily lost by over-concentration upon the mind. Students remain in an inwardly-focused, calm, meditative state.  In the Amrit series, a series of poses are performed slowly and deliberately with complete inward focus. Most people rely on the mind for control and to make events occur in their lives.  When cultivated, the recognition of the innate intelligence of Prana allows an additional — often more reliable —guiding force in life.  Unlike a practice emphasizing only the physical benefits of yoga, a regular AmritYoga practice creates a strong body with a balanced, grounded and steady mind.  The benefit to the union of body, mind and spirit (the definition of "yoga").  In the Amrit Yoga Level 1 class led by Diane Covan, at the conclusion of 70 minutes doing the 26 poses, the class ends with 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra meditation. 


Yoga Nidra Meditation - 45 minutes

Yoga Nidra means "yogic sleep."  This is intentionally at siesta time.  Have a quick, healthy lunch and there still will be time for this quick combo deep and easy meditation/powernap. You'll be back out, refreshed and renewed within 40 minutes.  Our Amrit Yoga Nidra is led by Dr. Fred Covan, a licensed clinical psychologist who has about 45 years experience teaching and facilitating various forms of meditation.  Dr. Covan believes Yoga Nidra to be the easiest, most effective form of mediation for people who do not have years of dedicated meditation practice and it is what Dr. Covan encourages for all of his patients.  Yoga Nidra is not "yoga" as most people think of that word. There are no postures or positions to get into.  All you do is lie down, close your eyes and listen.  Yoga Nidra is meditation for people who don't meditate, hate to meditate or do meditate.  It is a simple -- yet remarkably effective -- relaxation technique that relieves the effects of stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and aids in recovery from addictions and illness.  It's easy and there's no way to do it wrong.  The beneficial effect of meditation is incontrovertible and is supported by a myriad of scientific studies. Yoga Nidra produces its beneficial effects by actually changing brain wave patterns that produce a state of deep relaxation during which healing and change occur when you are taken to the state which is below deep sleep.   

Meditation in Motion - 90 minutes

This class begins with gentle stretching, deep breathing and some Yoga Nidra to allow students to go completely inward, becoming totally in touch with bodily sensations.  Then -- while in this deeply meditative state -- postures are suggested rather than "led" or "instructed" and the participants are encouraged to modify all postures as they are led by the body and its needs, engaging in complementary movements and micro-variations. It is a unique and deeply satisfying class in which tension and stress are completely released.  

-- All classes are conducted at our Yoga Studio located at 1901 Fogarty Avenue (at First Street), Key West, Florida --


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